NMLS 2554429

Utah Wholesale Mortgage Brokers

NMLS 2554429

Utah Wholesale Mortgage Brokers

"We find the lowest rate, so you don't have to."

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Looking for home equity loan products CLICK HERE

Looking for home equity loan products CLICK HERE

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Committed to YOUR mortgage needs and goals!

Let us co-pilot your mortgage loan at supersonic speed.

We find the lowest rate, so you dont have to!

Flite Financial, Inc.

Welcome to Flite Financial. We are wholesale brokers which means you get some of the best rates and pricing with our loans. We will go head to head with any lender. It's our passion to negotiate with lenders on your behalf. Let us take care of the rate battle so you dont have to.

Flite Financial is where your home buying and refinancing journey takes flight. With over 17 years of passion and expertise, we're dedicated to crafting stress-free, fast, and honest experiences tailored to your needs and goals.

If you've faced rejection elsewhere, we're here to say "yes." Our seasoned team specializes in finding solutions, whether it's navigating credit hurdles, income challenges, or unique property types like manufactured homes. And if traditional options fall short, we'll craft a personalized 'Roadmap' to guide you forward.

From Conventional Lending to DSCR. Portfolio (Non-QM) Loans to Hard Money. Reverse mortgages to ITIN Loans, our extensive portfolio offers solutions for every scenario. And if we can't find a way, no one can. Our referral partners rave about our approach, ensuring every transaction is handled with care and expertise.

While approval isn't guaranteed, we're committed to exploring every avenue to make your homeownership dreams a reality. Contact us today and let's embark on this journey together.

"While other lenders don't care, we do give two F's!"

- Flite Financial


Flite Financial emerged during a challenging market, founded in 2023 by Brad Barton, driven by a vision to revolutionize the lending industry. Unlike traditional institutions, we're not bound by specific guidelines and limitations. As brokers, we have access to virtually every loan program, ensuring you get the best fit for your needs.


Our mission is twofold:

1. To prioritize your experience above all else

2. To cultivate a supportive workplace for our team.

By keeping overheads low, we pass on the savings to you, delivering competitive rates and unmatched service.

Brad Barton

President and CEO Flite Financial, Inc.

Principal Lending Manager License NMLS 140525


About Us:

We have loved helping people buy and refinance homes now for over 16 years. We are excited as ever to build and continue to grow this company. Flite Financial was founded by Brad Barton in 2023.

Why did we open during a hard market? While banks, credit unions and private lenders were in a hard struggle in a hard market, Brad saw an opportunity and had a vision to create and grow a company that, he says, he wished he could have found when he was a loan officer.

Brad and his trusted partners have built this company from the ground up with 2 goals in mind:

1. To create and guide a customer experiance that is stress-free, fast, honest, fun, and true to the customers needs and goals. Not Flite's goals.

2. To be a good place to work for not only loan officers, but all staff and partners we work with daily.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We are brokers. Need we say more? We have access to virtually every loan program out there. We are dedicated to finding trustworthy, good loan programs, with our various lenders and investors, that are built to help our customers and investors alike. We are not limited to the rules or guidelines of any one bank or lending institution. Our rates and pricing are built on a belief that keeping overhead extremely low will ultimately reflect onto the loan products and rates directly to the customer. We also care about our loan officers by giving them competitive rates and tools to help them compete to find the best program and rate for the customer needs..

If you've ever been declined for a home loan, call us! If you are tired of hearing "NO", Call us! Our highly experienced team can help get you into a home NOW! If all else fails, we help you build a 'Roadmap' (see below). We can guide you through credit, income, down payment, self employment history or income, or virtually any other reason you have been turned down in the past. We will not leave you in the middle of a field of wolves.

We have lending options for all property types including manufactured homes. We offer Reverse mortgage loans, ITIN Loans, DSCR loans, private and hard money loans.. etc.(see services page for more) We have a HUGE selection of portfolio products and non-QM loans to help you NOW. If our team can't find a solution for you, NO ONE CAN!! **

Our referral partners are so pleased with the way we do business, and treat every transaction, that they can't wait to do another transaction with us.

** Not all applicants are approved. Credit, income, and assett minimums must be met. Please call for specific details.

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Fast easy approval process from anywhere.

Your co-pilots to the best mortgage loan!

YOUR goals are our goals. A custom line up of loan options to meet your specific needs

  • Easy online, in person, or over the phone application

  • Quick easy pre-approval process

  • Most loans out of initial underwriting within 1-3 days

Some of Our Wholesale Partners

And Many Many more!

We offer financial wings to let your dreams soar higher

"We can make it happen!" - Dave Barton Realtor


Years of experience


Loan Products


Customer Rating



Here to help guide you through the application and loan process.

We utilize the latest technology and are secretly a bunch of nerds. This ensures you have a great experience and we can be as tech savy or as "simply-basic" as you wish.


FREE Credit Coaching

Learn about credit strategies to help your credit in the background during the loan process and for up to 36 months afterwards with our FREE credit coaching program.

*terms apply, Must apply for a mortgage to recieve coaching. Must request coaching within 30 days of date of application.


Corporate Benefits Program

Partner with us to receive perks and discounts for your employees. Please ask your representative for more information.


I'm a tough critic, and have never before given 5 stars across the board as part of my feedback. But I have to say, Brad just went above and beyond too many times to do otherwise.

Brad walked is through several loan options up front before even taking an app. His knowledge and understanding of all the many loan programs helped us make a wise and informed decision, which ended up saving us thousands.

Brad even helped us negotiate a purchase contract as our realtor was fairly inexperienced, again literally saving us thousands. On top of his knowledge and experience, Brad followed up almost daily throughout the entire process.

When things got tight toward the end due to the sellers not performing, Brad took the lead and got them moving so the loan could fund without costly delays.

All in all it our experience with Brad was tremendous. I highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a mortgage.

I have already recommended Brad to two of my friends, and they love him too. Give him a call even if it's just for a second look. I'm sure glad I did!


Brad was very professional, knowledgeable and nice. He was prompt with answering all of our questions when we had decided to refinance our house.

He let us know step by step what we should expect when it came to specific documents that needed to be submitted and for specifics for the closing.

We signed a lot of documents online, which was easy and quick. I think this helped speed up our process

Hear From Our Clients

Your Flite Financial team is dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible. Please let us know how we did so we can ensure an even better experience for the next one.

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